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We provide services in warehousing agricultural products (wheat, triticale, rye, corn, oats, rape), loose products, like flour, intended to human consumption and feed products on the terms agreed between the parties to the agreement. On request, we accept your own storage goods for which payment will be the date specified by the supplier. Goods stored in bulk or on pallets in warehouses attested in Plock and Oporow.
We take full responsibility for the goods stored in a way that does not cause deterioration of its properties. Each time the quality of the goods adopted for the storage, during storage and distribution and checked by a specialist laboratory. At the request of contractors we provide cleaning services for grain.
We purchase and sale of cereals. We buy grain and feed consumption from the agricultural producers under the applicable terms of the buying stations. Grain rotation is carried out all year by a point in Plock and warehouse buying-in Oporowo. Quantity, quality parameters, the purchase and sales price are set individually depending on the size of transactions and properties of the product. We specialize in the sale of agricultural production.

Warehousing of the agricultural products

We purchase and sale of cereals

We buy grain and feed consumption

Silopol Płock Sp. z o.o. is the regional representative of the lime plants Lhoist Group in the sale of fertilizers oxide and calcium carbonate. A full range of fertilizers: potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, is offered for sale through a market and a warehouse in the Oporow Besides fertilizers, the magazine in Oporow offers to sell coal for heating purposes and building materials. With the purchase of agricultural inputs it is possible to compensate for claims in the amount equivalent to the delivered grain.
Silopol Płock Sp. z o.o. offers long-term cooperation in the production and supply of rape under the terms of production contracts. As part of the contracting we anticipate ultimately to supply manufactures in seed and fertilizer, performing of training promotion in the production of rape performing of promotion training in the production of rapeseed, the use of agro technical and mechanical services. We commit ourselves to receive grain and regulate the payment for bought material on time and under the terms of the agreement contract. In addition, to interested, we offer the service drying grain, thanks to dryer with a capacity of 50 T. If interested, please contact us by phone.